Create original LINE sticker 3 (Digital drawing)

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Finally finished creating four characters with 40 different messages for LINE sticker.

It really was a big job! Way more than I expected. But the first part has been completed.



Jumping into digital part now.

What I usually do for digital drawing is that scanned the artwork on the sketchbook and transfer them onto a computer,

then open it up on whatever software I will work on.

I went to Adobe illustrator for this time. As a graphic designer, capturing the object and scanned drawing artwork is very important.

I found a perfect scanner.


It is Scanner for Me.


This is mobile scanning application on iPad (and other devices).

This is great because I no longer have to push the sketchbook into the printer and fold it as scanning.

It just captures the area covered the illustration you want to scan, then press the button.

It easily shares on iCloud, Dropbox or email. The best part is the captured image is BIG!

For example, if I drew multiple characters on A4 size sketchbook, apparently each of them is smaller than A4,

and it wouldn’t be big enough to re-draw or trace later on (it was pixelated).


Anyway, this app is very useful and it is free.


If you are interested here is a detail Scanner for Me.




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Once transferred all images onto the computer, start drawing on illustrator with Astropad.

Started drawing character by character because it would consist the style of drawing.





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The something we should careful about is the background will be blue (sort of..) when people use the stickers on LINE.

So we should stay away from similar colour for outline colour, it would be buried in the background.





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Well, it looks like another long journey for 40 graphics.






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