Create original LINE sticker 2 (Character development)

Graphic Design / Illustration in Gold Coast, Australia



Graphic design, Illustrator in Gold Coast Australia



What we need to upload an original LINE sticker is 



  • Main Graphic x 1 (240 x 240px) 
  • Stickers graphics x 8, 16, 24,32 or 40 (370 x 320px)
  • Talk room tab x 1 (96 x 74px) all PNG files and transparency background.



More detail goes to LINE Creator’s market If I like to the stickers many people use,

it is better to consider the message or words we usually use.


The first step of the process will be getting the idea of the message including messages.  



    Graphic design, illustration and character-design in Gold Coast, Australia | NAOKI STUDIOS


Once I got a rough idea of the 40 message ideas, next stage is character developing.

NAOKI STUDIOS original character “Nate” (he just got the name) will be the main character of this set.



However, only one character might be little boring, so add a couple of characters with him.




  Graphic design, Illustrator, Gold Coast, Australia



Get a sketchbook as usual and start sketching.

I really like Nate, but he doesn’t have much face expression.

It makes quite hard to create many stickers.

I’d better build a particular situation to let audiences know what kind of situation Nate is in. 



The background story is that Nate and his friends are around the place near a beach and enjoying beach life together.

The LINE sticker looks fun already. 


Ok, I need 40 different illustrations. 


Go drawing!        







More details go Illustration Work Art commissions contact HERE 🙊      

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