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This is the first challenge in 2017, create original LINE sticker.

LINE is my primary tool to make a communication with my friends,

family or even my clients.Creating LINE sticker is the thing I always wanted to try.



Let’s see what I need to do.  


What is LINE?


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LINE is a free application for an instant message on your smartphone, tablet and computer

(I believe you cannot use it on multiple devices at the same time). 


Users are able to exchange their messages, images, audio files and movies for FREE

Users can exchange text message, images, movies and audio files with incredibly fast.


It started of Japan and has spread over Asia, then getting bigger and bigger in Western countries too.

It isn’t that popular in Gold Coast yet, but it will be in short future.


Another fun part of this application is LINE sticker.

People are enjoying to sending their favourite character as LINE sticker for the instant communication.





Why don’t we create own sticker?

As an illustrator, I definitely like to have own stickers to use. I saw a lot of fun graphic art as stickers out there.

I want to be one of them for sure!   Each sticker set has 40 graphics (24 for animation sticker).



What 40?!



Well, looks like I’d better start sketching now….💧

I would have beloved our monkey character of NAOKI STUDIOS as the main character of this sticker set.  

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